Plant-Powered Treats for Healthy Foodies!

We are a plant-based bakery located in Birmingham, Alabama serving better-for-you treats and creating online baking resources.

We use plant-based and other healthful ingredients to create beloved classics and innovative creations that ALL of your friends and family can enjoy, specializing in cookies and cakes. We share healthy baking recipes for your home kitchen through our YouTube channel, social media, and local classes.

THIS is what the healthy foodies dream about!

Our Values

At Healthy Foodie Bakery, we value: Health, Family, Kindness, and Growth!

Health: We take pride in the ingredients we select, the quality of our produts, and our sanitaion practices.

Family: We bake for you like your family ('cause you are :). So, can feel good about invitng your family in to enjoy HFB with you!

Kindness: We freely give our time and talents and seek to inspire you to spread joy.

Growth: We want you to become the best version of yourself, as we strive to do the same.

We value these things because we value you and your longevity, your well-being, your development, and that of those you love.

Meet Your Baker

Hi! I'm Alaynna!

I've always been a bit of a foodie and a natural creative, but never took a step into creating baked goods until 2019, after watching a few too many baking shows on Food Network. I found myself baking up something sweet in much of my spare time. 

I couldn’t get enough of baking, so I decided to leave my position in communications and take a job at a local bakery, where I could learn more about the trade. Surprisingly, it was here that I realized that I had a deep interest in nutrition and the quality of the food I served.

From that season of work and a few culinary classes later, Healthy Foodie Bakery was born in 2022. A plant-forward bakery where I could share the benefits of plant-based eating, create captivating digital content to help others be comfortable baking in their home kitchens, and bake gourmet treats for the “healthy foodies” of my city.

It is my hope that Healthy Foodie Bakery would inspire those we reach to make their health a priority, create meaningful relationships with those around them, spread love and kindness, and become the best versions of themselves.