What is Healthy Foodie Bakery?

We are a plant-based home bakery located in Birmingham, Alabama. Our goal is to use plant-based ingredients in the most healthful way possible to create products that all of your friends and family can enjoy! We are happily serving you plant-based versions of beloved classics and innovative new creations all while catering to special diets (vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, and more).

About Your Baker

Hey, I'm Alaynna!

I've always been curious about cooking and baking, but never took a step into creating in that way until 2019. While working in the communications field, I found myself baking up something almsot every weekend. So, I decided to spend some time learning the baking trade at a local bakery. Later, I further developed my food preparation skills at my local culinary institute.

Through work and school, I realzied that I had a deep concern for the qualtiy and nutrtional value of the food I served. I desired to find a way to apply a healthful spin to my passion for baking. From that, Healthy Foodie Bakery was born.

I am now diving further into plant-based baking and cooking, through online courses/trainings and blogging about my personal plant-based journey (IG: @alaynnaonpurpose)

Helping you build healthy habits of your own is my aim, and I hope that HFB can aid you in that!

Our Values

At Healthy Foodie Bakery, we value: Health, Family, Kindness, and Growth!

Health: We take pride in the ingredients we select, the quality or our produt, and our sanitaion practices.

Family: We bake for you like your family ('cause you are :). So can feel good about invitng you family in to enjoy HFB with you!

Kindness: We freely give our time and talents and seek to inspire you to spread joy.

Growth: We you to become the best version of yourself as we strive to do the same.

We value these things because we value you and your longevity, your well-being, your development, and that of those you love.