We are a plant-based home bakery located in Birmingham, Alabama serving vegan treats. We use 100% plant-based ingredients to create products that ALL of your friends and family can enjoy (they won't even know it's vegan ;)! We are happily serving you plant-based versions of beloved classics and innovative new creations, specailizing in cookies and cakes. THIS is what the healthy foodies dream about!

About Your Baker

Hey, I'm Alaynna!

I've always been a bit of a foodie and a natural creative, but never took a step into creating in baked goods until 2019. While working in the communications field, I found myself baking up something sweet almost every weekend.

I decided to leave communications and spend time learning the baking trade at a local bakery. Later, I further developed my food preparation skills at my local culinary institute.

Through work and school, I realzied that I had a deep interest in nutrition and the qualtiy of the food I served. I desired to find a way to apply a plant-based spin to my passion for baking. From that, Healthy Foodie Bakery was born.

I am now diving further into health, wellness, and plant-based baking as I continue to grow in this business, while documenting my personal wellness journey through content creation (Youtube and Instagram: @alaynnaonpurpose).

I hope set an example of how AMAZING food can taste using only the beautiful, nutritent rich plants that nautre has provided us.

Our Values

At Healthy Foodie Bakery, we value: Health, Family, Kindness, and Growth!

Health: We take pride in the ingredients we select, the quality of our produts, and our sanitaion practices.

Family: We bake for you like your family ('cause you are :). So, can feel good about invitng your family in to enjoy HFB with you!

Kindness: We freely give our time and talents and seek to inspire you to spread joy.

Growth: We want you to become the best version of yourself, as we strive to do the same.

We value these things because we value you and your longevity, your well-being, your development, and that of those you love.