Gourmet Cookies

Mint Chocolate Chip? Cotton Candy? Banana Pudding Cheesecake? Whatever you want in a cookie, we want to make it a reality! We also offer our signature cookies: Chunky Town (Double Chocolate Chunk), Cutie Patootie (Sprinkle Sugar), Brickhouse (Oatmeal Golden Raisin), and Skool Days (Homestyle Peanut Butter).

Starting rate: $50

Dietary Options:  (T,VF, V, SF, DF, EF, GF)

(minimum 1 dozen/= 1 batch)

Cakes & Cupcakes

From pound cakes for family dinner, to birthday cakes, to cupcakes for the office or your child’s class, we take pride in our passion for baking and our commitment to crafting sweet works of art for any occasion.

Cakes (T, VF, V, SF, DF, EF, GF) Starting rate: $70

Decorated Cakes (T, VF, DF, EF)- Only available in chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. Starting Rate: $90

Cupcakes (T, VF, DF, EF)- (minimum 1 dozen) Starting Rate: $50

Decorated Cookies & Cookie Cakes

Share the love and create lasting memories with a personalized jumbo cookie with luscious buttercream or custom-designed cookies that are tailored to your event.

Decorated Cookies (T, VF) Starting Rate: $60

Cookie Cakes (T, VF, V, SF, DF, EF, GF) Starting Rate: $50

Sweet Rolls & Cinnamon Rolls

Indulge your senses with the heavenly aroma and mouthwatering flavors of our freshly baked cinnamon rolls. And, good news……You aren’t just limited to cinnamon! Fill your rolls with a fruity filling or chocolate for a customized cozy treat.

Starting Rate: $45

Dietary Options: (T, VF, V, DF, EF)

Toaster Pastries (Pop-Tarts)

Whether you're a nostalgic fan of the classics or seeking exciting new taste adventures, we've got the perfect Pop-Tarts for you. Relive your childhood with your own customized order. (minimum = 8)

Starting Rate- $55

Dietary Option: (T, VF, DF, EF)


 Whether you're treating yourself or delighting someone special, our brownies are a decadent delight you won't want to miss.

Starting Rate- $35

Dietary Options: (T,VF, V, SF, DF, EF, GF)

Wedding Cakes/Tiered Cakes

Sometimes cakes are more than just desserts; they are an expression of your unique journey and a centerpiece that symbolizes your hard work or love. Embark on a sweet journey to create cherished memories on your special day with a cake from us. Only available in chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.

Starting Rate: $250

Dietary Options: (VF, DF, EF)

Treat Tables

Our treat table service is dedicated to creating memorable, visually enchanting displays for the delectable treats at your event. All of the treats listed above can be prepared for your treat table. Other treats include but are not limited to: coated pretzels rods, chocolate-covered Oreos and rice krispies, cake jars.

Pricing is calculated after inquiry.

Add Ons

Whether you're celebrating a milestone, hosting an event, or simply want to surprise a loved one, we offer balloon arrangements as an add on to your order. Customized Graphics/Labels are also available for your treats to fit any occasion.

Pricing is calculated after inquiry.